Backs Mark Taylor, Don Wilson and Richard Higgins

To the editor:

On Tuesday. you have two choices for City Council – either responsible people who will watch how your tax dollars are spent or people who want to keep borrowing more and more money and will continue to raise your taxes.

I’am voting for the responsible people and you should too. We need Mark Taylor, Don Wilson and Richard Higgins on the council. They will fix your roads and not put them on the back burner like Mr. (David) Flattery wants to do. They will spend your tax dollars wisely, unlike Mr. Flattery who says we need to endure more tax pain to move forward with the crosstown connector. I think we have endured enough tax pain already, we are over $100 million in debt and a property tax rate higher than any other town around us. We don’t need to add to our debt. We need to start paying it down and lower our tax rate. It’s a shame that our walking trails are in better shape than our roads.

Taylor, Wilson and Higgins will get the job done. If Mr. Flattery and his friends get in it will be more debt and higher taxes. People on a fixed income – you need to think about this when you vote. Don’t worry about one road we don’t have, fix the ones we do have.

Larry Porter

Fort Dodge