Weighs in on lawsuit

To the editor:

As the lawsuit Planned Parenthood vs. Iowa Medical Board is presented, I pray the judges will uphold the board’s decision to no longer allow tele-med abortions. Isn’t it interesting that pharmaceutical companies look the other way when their “drugs” are dispensed to end an innocent life, yet ban the use of certain drugs to end the life of those on death row? Why? The drugs may lead to inhumane deaths as noted in an article Oct.22 in the Nature International Weekly Journal of Science. Why are we not using this system for executions if it is so great? Give the prisoner a pill from the drawer after a teleconference and send them back to the comfort of their cell. Sound harsh? So is the killing of an innocent baby.

I am not for capital punishment but we defend one life and not the other? As for PPH saying it is safe and women go to the comfort of their home to expel their baby, where are they when a young teenager is hysterically telling her college roommates not to let her throw up the next pill? Where are they now that this girl needs medication for anxiety for the reality of what she has just done?

Grace Scholl