Vote on Tuesday

To the editor:

The reason some people never miss voting may be their pride in being a good, responsible American, they care what happens in our country, and closer to home, our city. It could be they are setting a good, positive example for their family, friends and neighbors. They know their vote is their “voice” – telling the candidates and officials what they want. By voting, they are also telling the candidates: “We voted you in, so you are accountable to us – and we can vote you out.” City, up to federal candidates, “hear” the choice of the voters when they hear the final tally.

Another reason people vote is because they know many issues will likely affect them. These people seriously vet the candidates to determine who knows the pros and cons on issues and who really cares about the citizens. And certainly, this election of our city councilmen is of major concern with the many good, forward thinking opportunities unfolding.

Now is the time to jump start common sense and logic to determine who will work best for Fort Dodge, not against it. With that fact decided, on Tuesday call friends and relatives and remind them to vote. Then invite your neighbors to go with you to vote. Remember every vote counts.

Kathy Meinders

Fort Dodge