Support Terry Moehnke

To the editor:

Terry Moehnke has wonderful experience in serving people in our area and has demonstrated a longtime commitment to community service.

He has learned a great deal about our city, county and our region, our city government, our citizens and our potential to progress. He is excited about what could be.

With his experience and enthusiasm, I very much look forward to him serving Fort Dodge as our Ward 1 council member.

He has been motivated to work hard to better our community. With that motivation, he will continue to push for the betterment of Fort Dodge and our fellow citizens.

I sincerely ask you to join me to help Fort Dodge become all that it can be by voting for Moehnke for Ward 1.

I hope that you are as enthusiastic as I am to progressively move our city on a positive path forward.

Terry would be honored if you would extend him the privilege of earning and receiving your vote. Thank you.

Rhonda Nelson

Fort Dodge