From our files, Oct. 31, 2013

Oct. 31, 2003

NEWS: Pauline Ball, of Fort Dodge, attended the beatification of Mother Teresa.

SPORTS: The Fort Dodge freshman football team defeated West Des Moines Valley 18-14.

Oct. 31, 1988

NEWS: Signe Larsen and Vinni Petersen were exchange students from Denmark attending classes at Prairie Community High School in Gowrie.

SPORTS: Former Fort Dodge resident Julie Dencklau won the Iowa Women’s 600 Club state singles championship with a 704 total.

Oct. 31, 1963

NEWS: Yola Sanger Petersen visited Yola, Minn., which was named after her when she was a little girl.

SPORTS: Freda Mailander bowled a 250 game in the Rosettes bowling league.