Still has questions

To the editor:

Much debate has been given about the need for a crosstown connector in Fort Dodge, still I believe that the majority of voters still do not understand the issue. Why is it called the crosstown connector? Is there a problem going from one side to the other?

Is the real reason for the project to close off Second Avenue South in order to build a combination rec/convention center.

If that is the case, where will the money come from, will the city have to buy Harvest Baptist Church? How about the two service stations on Second Avenue South?

How much property has the city acquired in the last few years, thus taking it off the tax roles?

Would we not be trading a four-lane street for a two-lane?

According to the Iowa Department of Management, the city tax rate for Fort Dodge ranks as the seventh highest in the state.

In order to attract new business and residents I believe we need to lower tax rates before embarking on such a project.

Tom Weatherford

Fort Dodge