Don’t fail to vote

Very soon Fort Dodgers will vote for city councilmen to guide and lead our city into new areas of development.

In any election, from city up to national – it is the people in a definite jurisdiction who have the right to propose the governing people to elect – plus vote on the actions and policies that will affect the jobs, businesses, taxes, welfare and even the voting area.

Voting ensures every voter’s opinion is taken into account regarding the elected people to hold the reins – as well as the disposition of voted actions and policies.

Knowing it’s a privilege, your right and also your responsibility to vote – can you vote? Are you registered to vote? Go to the county auditor’s office in the Webster County Courthouse. They will either confirm you are legal or make you legal by registering you.

The next question – where you vote? While at the auditor’s, verify your ward, and also where the polling places will be located.

Next task is marking the date so you don’t overlook it. Mark the date boldly to notice it. When you listen to your favorite Fort Dodge radio station and/or read The Messenger newspaper, there will be many reminders.

Prepare for voting. Attend the forums, ask questions, listen to comments, call the candidates to ask questions, send a letter to the editor to express your opinion, perhaps influence another to vote. In other words, “Get you head on straight and your brain alive by Nov. 5!” One thing for sure, don’t let anyone tell you who to vote for. Such a person is not honest; they are trying to collect many votes for their candidate.

Don’t overlook or forget, you’ve got the power. You’ve done your homework. Your vote can assure positive change. One vote does make a difference.

Tami Anderson

Fort Dodge