Every vote matters

To the editor:

When listening to various people discussing the pending election, I am amazed how many say, “I’m not going to vote. My vote won’t change anything.”

Think again. You couldn’t be more wrong. If you believe one vote is a “nothing,” ask Kelly Hindman who was defeated in the last election by one vote. Ask Kim Alstott who won by that one vote. One vote, you see, does matter, and did.

This (Tuesday’s) election of City Council is critical to Fort Dodge – because – since the arrival of Cargill and CJ Bio America, our city’s growth potential is the best in 30-plus years, an opportunity that is both phenomenal and complex. Therefore, we need to vote for candidates that will be analytical, knowledgeable, open-minded, industrious and honorable to make the most effective decisions for Fort Dodge. To find such people, Fort Dodgers need to seriously evaluate the skills, qualities and values of the council candidates, and vote for those who will best serve our city, as Terry Moehnke, David Flattery, Andy Fritz, Jeff Halter and I’m sure Steven Clayton will soon “be up to speed.”

Any American with a brain, a heart and a soul knows, deep down in that soul – voting is our civic duty – it’s a constitutional right – it’s a privilege fought for long and hard by American troops, some of which paid the ultimate price – for what? For a shameful number of people who don’t care, and don’t bother to vote? It makes one wonder if these people would vote if the lost serviceman was a husband, brother or son?

In truth, the price that has been paid actually makes voting a true obligation or responsibility for every American, every election.

Joan Johanson

Fort Dodge