Supports Jeffrey Halter for City Council

To the editor:

Vote for Jeffrey Halter. I have known Jeff ever since he chose Fort Dodge as his “Forever Home.” Here is a young man who is a perfect example of our young Iowa population that leaves our state in their twenties and then returns. However, rather than returning to his home town, he chose Fort Dodge. He knew this city had the potential to provide something wonderful to him and his wife. I believe he is the man who can help retain our younger population by helping to provide the things that are important to them. I know he is an advocate for our trail system which is a huge draw when it comes to a community’s and a family’s recreational options.

He is a smart, young man who diligently gathers the facts and data before voicing his opinion on a matter and if he hasn’t yet researched a subject he will tell you that and promise to do so. Then he follows through with that promise and gets you an answer.

I believe he is the perfect person to promote what our city has to others! I believe he is the perfect person to help make the changes our city needs for us! If you want your voice to be heard, vote Jeffrey Halter for council-at-large on Tuesday.

Joan Meyer

Fort Dodge