Will vote for Jeffrey Halter

To the editor:

This letter is in support of Jeffrey Halter for City Council at large for the upcoming election Tuesday. I have known Jeffrey and his wife Rochelle Green for several years now and was first introduced to them when searching for a wedding photographer for my children. From the first time I met him I was impressed with his charisma and professionalism. Jeffery and his wife, Rochelle, have always been donors to several community fundraisers and are always active in our community. I was planning to support Rich Seltz and Jeffrey Halter, but now that Rich is out of the race I am putting all my support toward Jeffrey Halter. I will vote Halter to have a leader who will follow through with the long term plans to make Fort Dodge a better place for all of us. Jeffrey is a person who is passionate about improving the image a quality of life in our city.

We need positive leaders on the Fort Dodge City Council and that is why I support Jeffrey Halter for at large. I encourage you to join me in voting Halter Tuesday.

Barb Vonsak

Fort Dodge