City set to host national cross country meet

Fort Dodge will soon host its first National Junior College cross country meet, Parks, Recreation and Forestry Director Lori Branderhorst told the City Council Monday.

The city will host the State High School cross country meet this Saturday at Lakeside Golf Course, as it has other years.

“We’re on a contract with the girls and boys union, and there’s a lot of volunteers that come out and make that day special,” Branderhorst said.

The city has now been awarded a contract for the Junior College meets as well, and will host the national meet for the next three odd-numbered years: 2013, 2015 and 2017. This year’s meet will be on Nov. 9.

In other business:

  • The council approved the purchase of new garbage containers which will be used when the city gets its new automated garbage trucks.

The city will purchase 16,766 95-gallon carts, which it says is enough for each home or duplex to have two one garbage container and one recycling container. The garbage cans will be all green, and the recycling cans will have a green body and blue lid.

The city will purchase the containers from Otto Environmental Systems, the lowest bidder, for $45.53 per cart. The total cost will be $822,036.98, which includes delivery to each home.

The city received five bids in total; the most expensive was a total of $938,644.51 from Toter Inc.

The new trucks have an arm to dump the containers and will require only one person to operate.

  • The council unanimously approved the second reading of an update to the sewer ordinance.

The modifications were previously presented to first the City Council and then the Iowa Department of Natural Resources beginning in February 2013.

The purpose of the pretreatment program is to prevent pollutants from entering the water pollution control facility which would interfere with its operation, to prevent pollutants that would pass through the treatment works and to improve opportunities to recycle and reclaim municipal and industrial wastewaters and sludges.

An industrial waste survey was completed as part of the analysis, and 12 significant industrial users were identified that need to be permitted or monitored. The new law would update the city’s authority so it could enforce the pretreatment program in accordance with federal regulations.