‘This is a critical election’

To the editor:

Our city, Fort Dodge, is progressing into a decisive, important era – an era of improvement, innovation, even transformation.

This conversion can be near seamless and successful – if – Fort Dodge voters elect civic-minded, fair and logical city councilmen.

This is a critical election, too important to provide another term of refuge from reality candidates who have delusions of adequacy, and even worse, have personal agendas.

This is an election for all voting Fort Dodgers to stand up, and with your vote speak up for the future you want for your hometown. Vote for candidates who have studied and researched the issues, who will continue to research, plus ask questions and consult with others before they vote on an issue.

This is an election to vote for men who have only a good and growing future for Fort Dodge front and center as their agenda.

Jacque Johanson

Fort Dodge