Backs Jeffrey Halter for council

To the editor:

We are once again back in campaign mode. I would suggest to all to take a look at some of the issues the city has faced over the past couple of years and ask yourself if our city is moving forward aggressively and to a more mediocre pace.

Ask yourselves how you feel about our streets and roadways. I personally have seen few cities with worse streets than ours. And then some wizard wanted to allow more non-license-paying traffic, (golf carts) on an existing poor situation.

I think it’s time to put away our “good old boy” mentality and seek out some fresh viewpoints and a passion to make Fort Dodge better.

I am putting my trust in Jeffrey Halter. I know him from family and have seen this man make some dramatic changes to better his own life. I am betting he can be a catalyst for the change that Fort Dodge needs.

We need full shops in our mall. We need a broader choice of dining and shopping.

We need Jeffrey Halter on our City Council making a difference.

It’s time for Fort Dodge to be all it can be.

Larry Gronemeyer

Fort Dodge