Not happy with Mark Taylor

To the editor:

Councilman (Mark) Taylor has presented us with many opportunities to see the inflated opinion he has of himself and his abilities. Now his comments comparing himself to the late Curt Olson go beyond grandiosity. Curt gave of himself entirely and quietly. He lived life to serve others without benefit or recognition.

Having a street named for him would never have entered his mind. Yet Mr. Taylor attempted this after a short, forgettable time as councilman. In addition to losing a good friend when Curt died, most of us felt a huge vacuum in the community. To suggest that Mr. Taylor has come anywhere close to filling that void is beyond comprehension. We would all do very well in life just trying to be the person and the citizen that was Curt Olson. Mr. Taylor will never reach the level of Curt Olson’s contributions to the community. Character counts.

Steve Gibson

Fort Dodge