Sups OK carpet bids

The Webster County Board of Supervisors have approved two bids for carpeting work to be done at a downtown building that houses two countywide programs.

The bids, which cover two separate projects, will make improvements to the former Wahkonsa School building on First Avenue North.

Supervisor Clark Fletcher said most of the carpeting will be in areas the public has access to.

“One of the bids will provide new carpeting for the stairways in the building and the public access,” he said. “That goes through DHS and child support recovery.”

The other bid will provide new carpeting for the area the Friendship Center is moving to.

“This is a line item that was budgeted for,” Fletcher said about the Friendship Center carpeting bid.

Fletcher said the area, which once housed the Webster County Health Department, is all ready for the installation.

“The health department is cleaned out,” he said. “Getting that area cleaned out will help get it ready for the new carpeting.”

Cynde’s Custom Carpets & Interiors Inc. will be handling the installation of the carpets.

Other business approved by the board included a revised list of unpaved roads classified as “no snow removal” routes, which included the addition of two more roads.

County Engineer Randy Will said there had been no objection from the community regarding the new plans.

“We’ve made contact with the people who live along those routes to let them know what was happening,” Will said. “They indicated to us that they had no problems.”