Riverside launches fall fundraiser

Riverside Early Learning Center has launched its fall fundraiser. Students will be selling Christmas items from Party Time through Oct. 29.

“We had done this last year. It’s nonperishable items as well as wrapping paper and things for the holidays,” Lis Ristau, Riverside ELC principal, said. “Last year, we raised about $3,300.”

The funds are earmarked for the school’s playground and technology, Ristau said.

“We purchased three smaller items and they haven’t been installed yet, but they are in,” she said. “This summer we had to dig up all the pea rock, because we didn’t have 9 inches around the fall areas.”

The school still needs a third piece of equipment.

“We’ve learned this fall that one of our larger pieces is not appropriate for our preschool children,” Ristau said. “Our other little pieces are cracked, there are things that are broken on it, so we are looking at being able to purchase another preschool-type of equipment to install out there, as well.”

In the spring, funds will be earmarked for the school’s technology needs, Ristau said.

“We have computers here in the building and we have a computer lab, but we would like to be able to purchase some iPads,” she said. “There’s a lot of research out there in regards to how they help the educational process for young children. There are wonderful applications we can purchase for our children as well.”

Ristau would also like to have cameras purchased for the school.

“We have very few of those, as well,” she said.

According to Ristau, the students will be selling mostly to their parents and the parents to others.

“We have told the children to sell just to family members,” she said. “I’ve had a lot of parents call, saying they’re going to grandparents’ homes this weekend and they need extra books because other families want to buy items for us. The response has been wonderful.”