Some FD snow routes altered

The city plans to streamline the way it declares a snow emergency, and do away with some current snow routes.

The Fort Dodge City Council unanimously approved the first reading of an ordinance Monday night which would alter snow removal operations. The bill must pass two more readings before it becomes law.

Under the new ordinance, a snow emergency would automatically go into effect when 2 inches of snow accumulate. All snow routes would then become no-parking zones for 24 hours.

“That takes away a lot of the guessing,” said City Manager David Fierke.

Under current law the mayor must issue a proclamation prohibiting parking on snow routes during a snow emergency. This process is confusing and does not cause residents to remove their vehicles from the street, Fierke said.

“The goal is to write less tickets,” he said. “We don’t want to write tickets and tow cars. We want to plow the streets.”

The city will also be “right-sizing” the amount of snow routes, he said, focusing on major arterial routes. Currently snow routes are too close together and don’t leave enough room for parking in residential areas, he said.

The department will also work on better communication with residents about snow routes.

Routes which would no longer be snow routes under the new ordinance are:

Third Avenue South from 12th Street to 21st Street;

Fourth Avenue South from 12th Street to 21st Street;

Eighth Avenue South from South 22nd Street to South 25th Street;

Eighth Avenue South from 14th Street to 15th Street;

12th Avenue South from 25th Street to 28th Street;

14th Street from Eighth Avenue South to 11th Avenue Southwest;

18th Avenue North from Knollcrest Drive to North 32nd Street;

Knollcrest Drive;

19th Avenue North from North 30th Court to Grandview Drive;

30th Court from 19th Avenue North to 22nd Avenue North;

20th Avenue North from 22nd Street to North 30th Court.