Students create art for BIVI

Fort Dodge Community School District students are creating art for Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Inc.

BIVI has provided the district’s art teachers with 500 canvases to be filled with scenes of horses, cattle and swine to be displayed in its Fort Dodge facilities.

At Fort Dodge Senior High, art students will be working on projects through October, according to Lori Daniel, FDSH teacher.

“My drawing class will be doing an ink drawing for them, and my photography class will go out to a few area farms to take pictures of cows and horses and chickens,” Daniel said. “We’ll use those photographs to put them on the canvases that Boehringer Ingelheim provided for us.”

She added, “All of the art teachers from the district are working on creating artwork for them.”

Meg Beshey, art teacher at Cooper and Feelhaver elementary schools, will be working with her first-grade students to made art for BIVI this month.

“We’re following what they asked us to do, so I’m going to hand out images of animals for them to look out, simple resource imaginary, because they’re in the first grade,” she said. “And they can draw their idea on the canvas and they’ll be painting those.”

Christine Rake, Butler Elementary art teacher, will have her students create oil pastels for the project. Fort Dodge Middle School, however, will not be contributing art.

Daniel said the project will provide a rich opportunity for her students.

“One of our next projects for photography was going to be animals. It fit in perfectly,” she said. “We get to go in the community and look at these various farms and get shots of the animals. I think it will be really exciting for the kids.”

The students, too, are eager to be a part of the project.

“They can’t wait to go take photos and see the process of getting it onto canvas and having a professional print, basically, of their photographs,” Daniel said. “They get to do it from start to finish.”

For many of the students it is their first commissioned artwork, Daniel said.

“The work will be displayed at the labs,” Daniel said, “so all the workers and people at the labs will see the talent Fort Dodge school district has.”