From our files, Oct. 14, 2013

Oct. 14, 2003

NEWS: Rhea Sprecher, an art historian from Wisconsin, spoke to St. Edmond Elementary students about artists such as Monet, Klee and O’Keeffe.

SPORTS: The St. Edmond eighth-grade football team finished the season with a 30-6 victory over Bishop Garrigan.

Oct. 14, 1988

NEWS: Postal worker Herb Bishop showed off his stamp collection to students at Cooper Elementary School.

SPORTS: The Jefferson football team defeated St. Edmond 21-6.

Oct. 14, 1963

NEWS: Van J. Ault won the prize for best men’s costume at the Hawkeye Barracks 1102 (World War I veterans) and Auxiliary Halloween party.

SPORTS: The Fort Dodge Rifle and Pistol Club Gold team beat Carroll 1,498-1,438.