Wants trash reduced

To the editor:

I read with interest the article in The Messenger about the sprucing up the downtown area of Fort Dodge. Every little bit helps. The whole city needs cleaned up.

My wife and I take walks most days and alternate between going to Hy-Vee or going to Third Street and back. We see an enormous amount of trash on these trips and she sometimes takes bags to put the refuse into. It takes very little time to fill them up. Of course, some owners and businesses take pride in their property and you can easily tell who they are.

I think that the City Council should make a law that requires all property owners (businesses, schools and private property owners) to make sure their property is cleaned up every day or pay a penalty. For those owners that reside out of town, I’m sure that there are people that would look after their property.

What a chance for someone to start a service that goes around and picks up litter from unattended store fronts and/or yards.

If we want to see a beautiful city, then we have to start at the basic level and that is the trash problem.

Lonnie Lasher

Fort Dodge