Carmody clarifies burglary rumors

An online rumor that multiple small Fort Dodge businesses have been burglarized in the past few days is untrue, according to Fort Dodge Police Chief Tim Carmody.

“There have not been 17 burglaries to local businesses over the past three days,” Carmody said Thursday.

Carmody said the department has been investigating some burglaries to local businesses, but not 17 over the past few days.

“We are addressing those burglaries as they come up,” he said. “We would love the help and support of the community to address those crimes and any other crimes.”

Carmody encouraged anyone who might know something about the burglaries to pass along their information to the police.

“If there are any concerns that people may have, they are more than welcome to contact us,” he said. “We highly encourage them to talk to us.”

Those with information are asked to call 573-1426.