New ICCC board called to order

The Iowa Central Community College board of trustees welcomed its newly elected and re-elected members Tuesday.

Following the Sept. 10 election, members Mark Crimmins, Larry Hecht and Terry Wessels returned to board, joined by new board member Bennett O’Connor.

Crimmins received 442 votes in District 7, Hecht received 155 votes in District 3, Wessels received 555 votes in District 2 and O’Connor received 217 votes in District 6.

With the board members having each filed an oath of office, nominees were taken for board president.

Board member Darrell Determann nominated Crimmins, seconded by board member Tom Chelesvig.

Crimmins nomination was approved by the board.

With Crimmins acting as president, he expressed his appreciation and spoke about the election.

“I would like to point out that I received the most write-ins against me, at 15,” he said. “Evidently I’m doing okay. I must be doing pretty good if only 15 people voted against me. That’s a victory.”

Board member Larry Hecht was nominated for board vice president by Chelesvig and seconded by board member Doug McDermott. His nomination was approved unanimously.

Determann was appointed Iowa Association of Community College Trustees representative, with O’Connor named the alternate. Hecht was appointed Iowa Central Community College Foundation representative.

Dan Kinney, Iowa Central president, congratulated the board members on their election and welcomed O’Connor to the board.

“I would like to welcome Bennett O’Connor and congratulate the rest of you guys for getting re-elected,” Kinney said. “We’ve got a great board here.”