Supreme Court to visit FD

Americans are fascinated by the legal system. The success of numerous television and movie dramas with law enforcement and trials as their focus is strong evidence of that interest. Most of us, however, have never witnessed a major real legal proceeding in person.

Wednesday, however, area residents will have the chance to attend a session of the Iowa Supreme Court. Chief Justice Mark Cady, a Fort Dodger, and the other justices will hear oral arguments in two cases in the auditorium of the new Fort Dodge Middle School. The session begins at 7 p.m. and is open to the public. There will be a reception, also open to the public, following the oral arguments. The reception is being sponsored by the Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance.

During the last two years, Iowa’s Supreme Court justices have worked hard to educate Hawkeye State residents about how their state’s legal system works. Holding oral arguments in various locales throughout the state is part of that process. The session in Fort Dodge Wednesday will be the 10th time since 2011 that the justices have held oral arguments in venues outside of the state capital to make it easier for Iowans to observe the court in action.

On Thursday, five of the justices will visit area high schools. Justice Edward Mansfield will travel to Eagle Grove High School. Justice David Wiggins will be at Fort Dodge Senior High. Justice Bruce Zager will visit Webster City High School. Justice Thomas Waterman will stop by St. Edmond High School. Students at Storm Lake High School will have a chance to hear Justice Daryl Hecht.

Chief Justice Cady will spend some time meeting with students at Iowa Central Community College.

The Messenger applauds this outstanding outreach effort by the justices. We urge our readers to take advantage of this exceptional educational opportunity.