Supports traffic cameras

To the editor:

In regards to red light traffic cameras, a lot of people don’t think they should be used, that police should pull those who run the red lights over, and issue the tickets on the spot. If you think about it, the cameras are a better idea because the city just can’t afford to keep enough police on duty all at the same time to do all of the job duties they’re required to do. So by having the red light cameras, that allows for some of those police who are on duty to be able to patrol the streets watching for any criminal activity going on, and/or to be free to respond to 911 emergency calls if and when they are needed for those.

The city would have to hire more police officers, or have more of them working more hours than they do now in order to watch for people running those red lights and still have the extra ones on duty to perform all of the other job duties they’re required to do. Then citizens would complain that their taxes were being raised to cover the cost to have the extra police on patrol. Cities might bring in more dollars with the cameras than without, but the cameras are not causing people to run red lights.

Rachel Peterson