Motivational pastor, artist speaks at CCS

The Rev. Eric Samuel Timm, a painter and motivational speaker, talked Friday at Community Christian School to an audience of more than 100.

“You have to decide how you got here. Not in your car,” Timm said. “You have two options. You can either decide you evolved from some sort of gelatinous, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ooze … and its just for no reason. It’s just for chance. Or, you can decide what is true lies in your hotel drawer.”

Timm told the audience they can reach for a sword or “turn on the noise,” referencing the TV program “Duck Dynasty.”

“I know that show’s great and it’s awesome, but the Bible, the truth of it, it’s God’s word,” he said. “A lot of times, we live out of order and we wonder why we have no order. We want God to speak, but maybe he’s already said what he wishes to say.”

According to Timm, people sometimes go to the wrong place to fix their problems.

“If you have a car, generally it’s going to have mechanical problems. Let’s say you drive your car to a plumber,” he said. He cited other examples. “As stupid as those illustrations are … that’s just the same thing you do with the broken areas of your life. That’s the same thing people do with the broken heart they have, whether sin caused it or circumstance just sort of made it happen, when they have the broken pieces of their life and they try to take it to something on this Earth that isn’t equipped to fix it.”

He added, “Only the maker of your heart can heal your heart.”

Timm completed a painting he crafted in five minutes before the audience, showing hands reaching for a shattered heart by painting the empty space red.

“Have you given God a chance to heal your heart?” he asked.

Timm, reading from the Bible, explained that Jesus is this healer.

“You have a death sentence, a death penalty of sin … and Jesus reconciles you,” he said. “He can do all these things because he made you. He knit you together by hand. He can do all those things because everything was created through him, and for him and by him.”

Timm challenged the audience to, instead of being passive, to reach out to others.

“As the church, it is up to us to find the broken-hearted, to mend the ones that need to be mended,” he said. “Do you understand that’s what we’re doing in your community, locally? It’s up to us as the followers of Christ.”

He added, “Let us not convince ourselves it’s all about us and it’s all about Iowa. It’s not, it’s bigger.”

Timm encouraged the audience to “be Jesus” and make a difference on a global scale. To parents, he said sponsor a needy child abroad for every child they have. To grandparents, he said sponsor a child for every grandchild they have.

“What would it look like tomorrow morning if literally it said in the paper, Fort Dodge has 100 kids rescued in a gym?” he said. “Don’t let the fact that they’re removed from us geographically remove the importance of us making a difference in their lives. That’s why we’re here.”