Town’s water tower gets new blue spruce-up

STRATFORD – The water tower in Stratford – formerly all white – is sporting a new two-tone paint job.

The dark blue covers the stem and about a third of the bulb bottom on the cotton swab-shaped tower; the top is white.

City Manager Rachel Cahill said there’s a practical reason for the dark blue.

“It helps disguise the stains that accumulate,” she said.

On this type of tank, she said, condensation aids in the formation of mold and mildew on the exterior. On an all-white tank, the stains are readily visible. On the dark blue, not so much.

“It’s less unsightly,” she said.

The $38,000 job was done by Maguire Iron, of Sioux Falls, S.D. It was paid for by the city of Stratford Water Utility Fund.

Crews cleaned, reprimed any trouble spots, power washed and then painted the structure. Cahill said the work took about four days.

“The city staff was very impressed with the quality of work,” she said.

She said that comments from the public have all been favorable.

While the tank was being worked on, city crews had to empty it of water. She said that city customers were never without water during the work, although they may have noticed a slight discoloration.

“We ran the plant on manual,” Cahill said.

The down time revealed the tank is in good shape.

“No other repairs were needed,” she said.

Cahill expects the new paint to last a while; it’s a type of paint known as Tenemec.

“Its typical use is in a swimming pool,” she said.