In Lehigh, Pleasant repair

LEHIGH – After months of working to come up with a solution to fix a large crack in a Lehigh road, the large crevice that formed on Pleasant Street has been repaired.

The crack, which was nearly 50 feet long, developed in early May, making the road impassable. A nearby resident was unable to get to his home and the road became a concern for emergency vehicles.

At a May 7 meeting, the Lehigh City Council voted in favor of asking MER Engineering Inc., of Fort Dodge, to examine the street and advise the council on the problem. The engineering firm concluded that the cost to rebuild the road could be $250,000 to $300,000, while using clay and rock to repair the road would cost significantly less.

There was confusion about whether Lehigh or Webster County owned the street, or if part of it was private property. Lehigh city leaders did not want to take action until it was determined how much of the road was located within the city limits.

It was later determined that the street is within the city limits for its entire length, and the city council voted to move forward with repairs at a July 8 meeting.

Work on the road began earlier this month, Lehigh Mayor Paula Martin said, and is now complete.

“We were able to complete the road today and it is much wider and nicer than it was before,” Martin said Thursday.

City maintenance crews were able to complete the road using the recommended rock and clay, resulting in a significant savings to the city.

“We were able to get everything done for about $8,000 to $10,000 with our city maintenance men,” said Martin. “We hope this will bring a close to the issue.”