Getting down to business

The Fifth Avenue South Corridor of Commerce is seeing new growth.

More than $11.7 million has been invested in the area in recent months by new and existing businesses. CVS Pharmacy, Pancheros and Jimmy John’s will be setting up in new buildings along the corridor. Wendy’s will also be expanding in its current location.

“The corridor improvements along Fifth Avenue South have represented a major improvement for Fort Dodge,” said Dennis Plautz, chief executive officer of the Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance. “The improvements have enhanced our city’s image and they have been good for business development along Fifth Avenue South.”

Although not technically on the Corridor, Fort Frenzy, a family entertainment center, was intentionally located near the major commercial traffic route.

Businesses making Corridor area investments include:

Business: Bomgaars

Address: 3112 Fifth Ave. S.

New or Existing: Acquired from Shoppers’ Supply

Investment Amount: Not applicable

Why the corridor? “It’s a good area. There’s lots of building around it now, which has helped out our business. Our business has gone up since we’ve become Bomgaars.” – Anita Harris, manager

Business: Maid Rite

Address: 2223 Fifth Ave S.

New or Existing: New

Investment Amount: $350,000

Why the corridor? “We were just looking for a building on this road because we know in the future this is the place that’s going to be picking up in this area. We kind of got lucky with the location.” – Jeremiah Condon, owner/manager

Business: Holiday Inn Express

Address: Fifth Avenue South and 31st Street

New or Existing: New

Investment Amount: $4.5 million

Why the corridor? “We were looking for a high-traffic, high-visibility location. We like to be in close proximity to all the retail in town and all the restaurants and other services.” – Jeff Lamont, chief executive officer/president of Lamont Cos.

Business: Wendy’s

Address: 2313 Fifth Ave. S.

New or Existing: New location

Investment Amount: $1.18 million

Why the corridor? “We already owned the property here, and we’ve done so well at our previous location. It wasn’t even in consideration to move anywhere else.” – Mark Miller, Store Operator

Business: CVS/Pharmacy

Address: Fifth Avenue South between 20th and 21st streets

New or Existing: New

Investment Amount: $900,000

Why the corridor? Mike DeAngelis, the company’s director of public relations, previously told The Messenger the location is at a high visibility corner which would provide easy accessibility for customers.

Business: Pancheros/Jimmy John’s

Address: 3000 block of Fifth Avenue South

New or Existing: New

Investment Amount: $952,000

Why the corridor? “We chose that location because of the amount of people on the corridor. It’s a good spot.” – Joe Cain, co-owner.

Business: Fort Frenzy

Address: First Avenue South and 32nd Street.

New or Existing: New

Investment Amount: $3.9 million

Why the corridor? Tim Guderian, one of the Fort Frenzy’s organizers, said the site is easy to get to and is near Rosedale Rapids – the aquatic center at 32nd St. and 10th Ave. N. – and the retail area of Fort Dodge.

-Investment information provided from building permits with the Fort Dodge Business Affairs and Community Growth Department.