Rockwell City mayor says thank you

The City of Rockwell City would like to thank all those who assisted us during and after the very tragic event that rocked our community, and beyond, on the morning of Friday, Sept. 13.

On that day, we lost an adoring husband and father, a wonderful son, brother, and, just maybe and most importantly, a great human being.

Jamie was a very unassuming young man, one who loved the outdoors, loved living each day to its fullest, loved his profession, loved his training/classroom experiences, and without any doubt, loved his family with all his heart. He wore it on his sleeve. He was that kind of genuine guy.

The citizens of Rockwell City, surrounding communities, counties, states, and well beyond those borders have been graciously engaged in sending their condolences and other resources memorializing our lost friend.

It will take a considerable amount of time for the family, friends, fellow law enforcement officers, and anyone who was impacted by this tragedy, to ease their heartache. There will come a day. Until then, we all need to lean on each other, grieve as necessary, and come out on the other side with a revitalized vigor. That is what Jamie would have wanted us to do.

There is absolutely no way to extend our thank you to everyone by name. So please allow me to mention some of those groups involved and deeply affected by this unfortunate and untimely tragedy:

Rockwell City Police Department, City employees, City Council, Rockwell City Fire Department, and the citizens of Rockwell City; Calhoun County Sheriff’s Department; Calhoun County Ambulance personnel; Iowa State Patrol; Iowa Chiefs of Police Association; Department of Criminal Investigation; CERT Teams; Calhoun County Attorney’s Office; Iowa State Attorney General’s Office; C.O.P.S. (Iowa Concerns of Police Survivors), a fantastic group; Iowa Department of Natural Resources; local churches and clergy; Palmer Swank Funeral Home; South Central Calhoun Middle School administration and personnel; numerous concerned volunteers; the police departments, county sheriff’s departments, and various departments from the surrounding communities and around the state; all of the great departments and individuals that covered the shifts for the Rockwell City Police Department, a very gracious gesture allowing our officers a time to grieve and begin to recover from this traumatic event.

To all of those, not previously mentioned, and there are a ton of you, a heartfelt thank you.

As we pray for and comfort the Buenting family, let us not forget the Trott family. They need and deserve our prayers and concern also.

Now, it is our community’s charge and goal to comfort, protect, and serve the family of Jamie Buenting, his friends and law enforcement brotherhood. Jamie, I’m betting that, as your beautiful daughter Kalie requested, you have the best place in Heaven.

Rest in peace, 13-24. You will be sorely missed, cherished and remembered in our hearts and lives forever.

Phil Heinlen is mayor of Rockwell City.