Watch where you’re going

The opening of the new Fort Dodge Middle School prompted changes to the traffic pattern in the northeastern area of the city.

The transition created a measure of confusion and delay in the earliest days of the school year, during which Fort Dodge police officers were on hand to direct vehicles.

While the initial roughness has been largely smoothed out, one street change still perplexes some drivers.

In mid-August, Sixth Avenue North between 22nd Street and Martin Luther King Drive was converted to one-way traffic, in which only eastbound traffic is allowed.

More than a month after the conversion, many cars continue to ignore the new rules. Though, as yet, the area has seen no major accidents, “near-misses” are a daily occurrence.

We find no fault with the city in its handling of the switch. Signage on the affected stretch of street is abundant and well-placed at every intersection. The pavement is also clearly marked. Additionally, the change has been well-publicized by the school district and St. Edmond – not to mention the subject of a front page story in the Aug. 10 Messenger.

Rather, the fault lies with distracted motorists.

We urge everyone who travels through the area to be particularly vigilant. Paying close attention to posted signs will provide great benefits in terms of traffic safety.