Runner demands respect

To the editor:

What happened to respect? Either people have a skewed perception of what it means, or simply don’t have it. I am a runner, and because Snell Crawford and Kennedy are the only places in town that offer trail running and I like a little variety so I often run in town on the roads or sidewalks. Every once in awhile, naturally I have to cross the street, but I obey the rules of the road. I run against traffic, try to stay as close to the edge as possible, I respect the vehicles around me, and run on sidewalks where available.

I have had instances where people honk, yell, or give rude gestures while I am running as if I am a big detriment to the city for bettering my physical health and personal well being. My friend was running the other day and actually got hit by an SUV, not hard, but enough to knock him down. The SUV did not stop whatsoever. My friend was not in the wrong, this person simply had zero respect.

If you don’t like runners, though that seems like a ridiculous hatred, so be it, but we are not hurting you. If you have to wait 2.5 seconds for us to cross a street, sorry, but does it really have to ruin your day and in turn ours because you can’t be patient and accepting.

Aaron Schmidt

Fort Dodge