Hurrah for Market on Central

To the editor:

Congratulations to Market on Central for being ranked No. 76 of the Best Farmers Markets in the country. This and the USDA grant Market on Central recently received are both the result of hundreds (and, perhaps thousands) of hours of volunteer work the Market on Central committee has performed. This diligent and dedicated group of volunteers, as well as SSMID (Self Supported Municipal Improvement District) have focused their energies and activities to promoting the rejuvenation of downtown Fort Dodge, and it shows.

Committee chair Cheryl O’Hern, who along with her husband Tom arrive every single Saturday morning at 5:30 a.m. that MOC is held to begin the work to open the market. Her excellent committee includes Cliff Weldon, Bill and Cindy Bush, Quintin Nelson, Michael Payne, Erin Ford, Tedd Hugghins, Steve Mattke, Stephanie Sheetz, Angela Torres, Denny Dunbar, Effie Hill, Heather Vandi, Jon Vessey, Carissa Miller, Renee Gorgan-Hulsebus and Laura Eastwood.

Both Sharon Hill Tilton and I had the privilege of working on this project in its infancy while we were at the Chamber of Commerce and then the GFDGA, and are proud of the committee that has continued to carry the torch and develop this great summer event for all of our region. Thank you also, to SSMID for its financial and moral support. We are fortunate to have this venue for all of us to enjoy.

Amy Kersten Bruno

Fort Dodge