Pet ordinance is boneheaded

One of the letter writers on today’s editorial page has it right when it comes to the new animal ordinance passed Monday by the Fort Dodge City Council.

Ariel Echevarria says the ordinance, which limits the number of cats, dogs and ferrets (ferrets?) people can have on their private property is an assault on liberty.

Animal horders don’t take care of their animals, and they try to keep more animals than can be reasonably cared for and housed.

However, people who take care of their animals, who make sure those animals receive medical care, have access to sufficient food and water, and adequate shelter, should not be limited to an arbitrary number of animals.

The new ordinance limits the number of cats, dogs and ferrets to six, with no more than three of those being dogs.

Why is owning three dogs better or safer than owning four? And is there some reason to believe that a household with seven cats would somehow pose a danger to public safety?

The answer to the first question is, it’s not. The answer to the second question is, it won’t.

While other portions of the ordinance are troublesome, including the idea that a well-trained dog can’t be off-leash in the owner’s yard while the owner is in attendance, limiting the number of animals is downright boneheaded.

Pet owners, as a group, take animal issues quite seriously.

After November’s election, there will be at least one new council member, and perhaps the group can re-examine the wisdom of the law.