Parish looks to its next phase

St. Edmond Catholic School and Holy Trinity Parish in August completed a capital campaign to raise $3 million for school infrastructure and technology needs.

With their Phase One goal met, parish officials are now looking to Phase Two.

“The long-range plan that has been evolving since before my time here is looking at … constructing a single worship site for the Catholics of Webster County,” Monsignor Kevin McCoy said. “That is consistent with some of the top challenges that are needed, and that is to provide a modern, efficient facility, not only for our education purposes, but for our worship.”

The new church will be a multimillion-dollar-project, though there is no set cost yet. The parish has also not decided yet on a location.

McCoy said Wednesday the parish will work next week with the Institute of School and Parish Development of Metairie, La., on how to move forward with this vision.

“None of those strategic challenges ever go away, how do you make sure you have a solid financial base and all of those things,” McCoy said. “There’s a difference today from what they did five years ago or 10 years ago. It’s always ongoing.”

With pledges being collected from Phase One fundraising, Phase Two would not begin until 2016, Tom Miklo, director of development, said.

“We’re saying about 2016 because these are mostly three-year pledges for Phase One, some five-year pledges,” Miklo said. “We told our constituents as we went along this was the approach we’re going to take.”

When Phase Two is completed, the parish will go straight into Phase Three, the actual construction of a new church. For now, McCoy said, their Phase Two plans will be refined.

“After that, there will be another plan,” he said.

McCoy said the parish will remain attentive to the community’s needs while working on such projects.

“We always keep all of our ministries out in front of us. The needs of our school remain the needs of our school,” he said. “We are not abandoning any of our ministries. We can do a lot of outreach here, and we want to make sure we can do that while taking on what might be a sizable financial challenge.”

A new worship site is needed, McCoy said.

“Part of what pushes the need for this single worship site is the fact that there are fewer priests available for service in the diocese in Sioux City and that will only continue. We have three priests covering Webster County now. We probably will go one day soon to two priests covering Webster County,” he said. “And we have to look at the fact that we now have five church buildings that we’re using. Most of them are quite long in the tooth, and they’re all looking at issues of maintenance.”

Their hope, McCoy said, is to have a facility that will draw people to worship God.

“We’re not looking just for a box store approach to things,” he said. “We have beautiful churches, we have a lot of art that’s available in those churches, and we would see making every effort to incorporate those pieces into the new structure.”