Anti crime group gets grant

A local group aimed at helping the community come together to reduce crime is getting help from a local service organization to further its mission.

Webster County Crime Stoppers recently got word the organization would be receiving a $5,000 grant from the Fort Dodge Community Foundation and United Way.

Iowa State Patrol Lt. Kelly Hindman, who is also a member of Crime Stoppers, applied for the grant earlier this year. He said Crime Stoppers has received the grant in the past.

“One of the areas they address is safe communities,” Hindman said. “They try to give some of their grant money to somebody who fits that category.”

He said Crime Stoppers has applied for the grant for the past four years. The process involved filling out a 15-page application, which has to be submitted every year, even if the grant was awarded in the past.

Hindman said he said that process is very helpful to Crime Stoppers.

“I like that because every year we have to come back and restate our case,” he said. “They had me come in as a representative for Crime Stoppers and I spoke to an interview panel, where I talked about the need for the money.”

After the interview, Hindman received word from Randy Kuhlman, Fort Dodge Community Foundation and United Way chief executive officer, that Crime Stoppers had received the grant for the 2013-2014 year.

This money will be beneficial to Crime Stoppers, according to Hindman.

“We use that money to pay the type of rewards we offer to encourage people to help us,” he said. “Some of these, depending on the level of crime, take more money to entice people to participate. Funding is really critical.”

Crime Stoppers President Dan Streit said the organization is “very pleased and honored” at the receipt of the grant.

“We’ll put the money to good work and good use throughout Webster County,” Streit said. “I know we’ll use it wisely.”

Hindman echoed Streit’s comments.

“We are very appreciative of the support the Community Foundation and United Way have given us,” he said. “I can’t overemphasize how important of a part it plays in us being successful.”