From our files: Sept. 6, 2013

Sept. 6 2003

NEWS: Grace Kirwan, of Sheldon, and Ashley Moore, of Algona, participated in the atlatl toss at the International Horse Archery Festival.

SPORTS: Fort Dodge defeated Sioux City West 37-6 in the Dodgers’ first football game of the season.

Sept. 6, 1988

NEWS: Messenger Editor Larry Johnson participated in his first skydive – a tandem jump with instructor John Dumdei – at the Dollar Daze Couch Freak Boogie.

SPORTS: Jean Mowry, of Webster City, finished with a three-day 54-hole total of 242 to win the Labor Day golf tournament at the Worthington Country Club.

Sept. 6, 1963

NEWS: Christopher Britton, 19, of Lehigh, walked from Lehigh to the State University of Iowa in Iowa City in four days.

SPORTS: The Los Angeles Dodgers defeated the Chicago Cubs 4-0.