Cheerleaders bound for London

To the editor:

I just want to take a moment out to really highlight how impressive this accomplishment is for these six Fort Dodge Senior High students. Twelve thousand dance and cheer students across the U.S. competed for a spot on the Varsity All American Squad and approximately 500 are chosen.

To have six chosen from one state region, let alone one school, does not happen often.

We have an amazing cheer program led by equally amazing coaches, KC Williams and Juli Springer, coupled with amazing students that we should all be proud of. I truly hope that Dec. 26 we will get to travel to the gateway city and put these kids on a plane to London and then share in their memories upon their return. They have worked, and continue to work, very hard to raise the money that they need.

Cheyanne, Erin, Grant, Lexi and Hailee – we are extremely proud of you and your determination to accomplish this goal. You truly show what “Built on Fort Dodge Tradition” is all about and through all of you I have become proud to be a Dodger … even if I am just a transplant.

Susan Collins