From our files: Sept. 2, 2013

Sept. 2, 2003

NEWS: Sam Fleener, of the Dayton Lions Club, was a clown in the Dayton Rodeo parade.

SPORTS: Matt and Kevin McCormack were the overall winners in the Fort Dodge City Rec Family Golf Outing with 29.

Sept. 2, 1988

NEWS: Ina and Bobby Breeden, of Gowrie, produced “Bobby L’s Premium Barbecue Sauce” in their home for sale in grocery stores.

SPORTS: Dennie Friedrichs resumed his post as Iowa Central wrestling coach after resigning the previous year.

Sept. 2, 1963

NEWS: Bruce Wilde and E. Goodrich played drums at the Na-Gaf-De-Da Indian Fair at the 4-H Club grounds west of Fort Dodge.

SPORTS: 55 go-karts competed in the Midwest Go-Kart championship races at the Green Acres Raceway at Eagle Grove before a reported crowd of 800.