From our files: Sept. 1, 2013

Sept. 1, 2003

NEWS: The 66th annual Dayton Rodeo featured John S. Payne, “The One-Armed Bandit.”

SPORTS: The Iowa Central men’s soccer team defeated Robert Morris 4-0 to win a championship at the College of Lake County Tournament.

Sept. 1, 1988

NEWS: Gov. Terry Branstad visited Algona to participate in the groundbreaking at the expansion of the Snap-On Tools facility there.

SPORTS: Tim Porter bowled a perfect game on the first night of the season at Ridgewood Lanes.

Sept. 1, 1963

NEWS: The obstetrics department at Mercy Hospital got a new look that included orchid and pink print drapes.

SPORTS: Hazel Halverson had the high game in the Rosettes bowling league with 199.