Produce is in its prime

On any Wednesday or Saturday between May and October, vendors can be found at the Fort Dodge Farmers Market with a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.

What is available often depends upon what it is in season, but now is a good time to find many of the fresh grown goods in the prime of their growing season.

“Everything is still growing like crazy,” said Cynthia Jones, with Lost Grove Produce Farm, of Gowrie.

Jones, along with Joshua Eggenberger and Micah Fecher kept busy at Wednesday’s market in the Crossroads Mall parking lot selling everything from sweet corn to watermelons for Lost Grove.

Fecher said it has been a good season for watermelon in particular.

“Melons are in season big time now,” he said. “We have so many of them growing out in the field, we don’t know what we will do with all of them.”

Besides the traditional pink-fleshed watermelon, Lost Grove also sells yellow and orange varieties of the sweet summer fruit.

“They all have about the same flavor,” said Jones. “But a lot of people say the yellow variety is sweeter. I think every individual melon is a little different.”