Scam targets area bank card holders

Two Fort Dodge financial institutions say a phone scam is targeting local customers.

The scammers’ goal is personal information that would allow them to access local customer accounts, said Tim Carmody, Fort Dodge police chief.

“Scammers are attempting to obtain credit/debit card numbers, as well as the PIN numbers to access victims’ bank accounts,” Carmody said in press release Friday.

“Victims receive a text stating their bank credit/debit card has been canceled,” he said.

They’re asked to dial a local nine-digit number and then prompted to enter their 16-digit card number and their PIN.

According to Carmody, the scam calls show up on a cell phone’s caller ID in this way:


Your card 490056 has been

SUSPENDED. Please call

515-227-1116 TO reactivate.

Do not reply to the text, Carmody said. Instead, notify your banking institution immediately, he said.

A phone call to the number Friday was answered by a recording saying “the person you are trying to reach is not accepting calls at this time.”