Questions animal ordinance

To the editor:

Once again, I feel I must voice my opinion. The City Council has approved the second reading of the proposed animal ordinance. There isn’t much time left to sway the vote, but I will still try.

Our pets will not be allowed to be loose on our front lawns because of the fear of dog attacks. However, these same dogs will be allowed to roam off leash in areas designated by the city. First, where exactly are these leash-free areas? Second, why would I want my dog running with dogs that cannot be trusted to be loose in their yard?

Retail animal establishments will be required to have municipal permits to operate. I have a state-issued license for my business and am inspected yearly. Who will be doing the inspecting for the city, and will this person have proper credentials?

The six-pet limit still stands even though the arguments for this are covered sufficiently elsewhere the ordinance. Specifically article 6.07 (noise or disturbance) and article 6.17 covering unsanitary conditions.

Every other argument aside, I wish one person could tell me what prompted this whole action. Are there packs of dogs running loose? Has there been a sudden surge in the number of animal bites? Do we have a huge problem with hoarders?

As a groomer, this ordinance will have an impact on both my business and my personal life as a dog enthusiast. I feel some explanation issue since the council members are, at the end of the day, public servants.

Liz Hawkins

Fort Dodge