Wants sidewalks

To the editor:

Imagine yourself as senior citizen, handicapped or disabled, maybe all three. You quit driving as you realized it was no longer safe. (One of the hardest choices to be made) but you are still determined to stay as independent as you can.

You live close enough to shopping and the mall, but need some type of assistance such as a cane, walker or maybe a wheelchair. Buses don’t run after five o’clock or on weekends, so that limits attending meetings or the Market on Central.

Getting out of our homes to socialize or just exercise is so important for well-being; emotional and physical and independence. It is so easy to stay home, which can lead to illness, depression, and no lifestyle at all. This is a proven fact thus eventually leading to living in a care home.

Consider these two scenarios, to which the solutions are so plain and simple to ensure a lot of happier people. I have yet to figure out why nothing has been done to alleviate the problem.

Consider two scenarios that each can be serious after effects. Both have the same possible outcomes.

After a good rain it’s so hard to walk in the mud even using a cane, walker or wheelchair. Aside from the muddy mess, you have to worry about slipping and falling. Add to that, the problem trying to navigate through wet grass.

The second scenario is getting a snowstorm with or without ice. It’s almost impossible to maneuver your way without falling where there are no sidewalks.

In either case, we end up in the street to get anywhere. We hear car horns and people yelling for us to get out of the street. This can be extremely dangerous because we all know cars slide and can go out of control. It’s a matter of “it’s heck if we do and heck if we don’t.”

I came up with one sure-fire solution to both scenarios. How about this great city of Fort Dodge digging their heels in and get sidewalks put down before someone gets seriously hurt or worse?

It would be greatly appreciated. You may even see a smile and a hand wave as you pass each other for helping a lot of people in thanks for this small deed.

Janet Younkin

Fort Dodge