Warland charged with false imprisonment, domestic abuse

A Fort Dodge man is facing multiple assault charges relating to a number of incidents that have happened over the past two months.

Logan E. Warland, 23, of Fort Dodge, was arrested by Fort Dodge police on a parole violation charge late Tuesday night.

Around 7 p.m., police received information that Warland may have been involved in a series of assaults dating back to June, according to Police Chief Tim Carmody.

Detectives and the Webster County attorney’s office investigated the case Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, which led to Warland being charged.

On June 30, he allegedly threw a cup at a woman while at 814 N. 16th St. According to the criminal complaints filed with the Webster County attorney’s office, the woman was cut above her right eye and required stitches. Her face was also permanently disfigured, according to the complaint.

As a result of that incident, Warland was charged with assault causing serious injury and domestic abuse/assault causing bodily injury.

The next alleged assault happened on July 5. Warland is accused of “kicking, punching, throwing, strangling and shoving” the woman, and at one point showed a gun “in a threatening manner during the assault,” the complaint stated.

Warland allegedly threw the woman against a door during the assault, which broke her collarbone.

He is facing counts of assault causing serious injury and domestic abuse/assault causing bodily injury for that incident, as well as a charge of domestic abuse/assault while displaying a dangerous weapon.

Warland is facing that same charge for an incident on Aug. 13, when he allegedly pointed a gun at the woman and “repeatedly touched the firearm to her head,” according to the complaint.

Then on Monday, Warland allegedly drove to Ankeny and brought the woman back to Fort Dodge against her will.

“During the course of the incident, the defendant repeatedly assaulted her and did not allow her to leave,” the complaint stated.

In addition to facing a false imprisonment charge from that case, Warland is also charged with possession of a firearm as a felon.

Because of a felony burglary conviction from November 2010, Warland is not allowed to have guns.

He is scheduled to make his initial appearance in Webster County Magistrate Court this morning.

Carmody said domestic abuse is a crime that is not tolerated by the Fort Dodge Police Department.

“We will investigate any case that comes to us and take action quickly,” he said. “This is all about the victims and finding justice for them.”

While there’s been an arrest, Carmody said the investigation is still ongoing.

Anyone who may have information about Warland or the incidents he is accused of is asked to call the Fort Dodge Police Department at 573-1426 or Webster County Crime Stoppers at 573-1444.