Objects to city action

To the editor:

I live at 1814 Eighth Ave. N. in Fort Dodge. I have lived on this street for 53 years and in this home for 31 years. I hope you have driven by my house recently to view “the steel pole-barn building” that my neighbors have erected. This is the structure that was judged by the Board of Adjustment to be a building that abides by the law and intention of the building codes of the city of Fort Dodge. I feel their decision to allow this building within a neighborhood of Fort Dodge was a great disservice to every resident of the city.

I believe it is the duty of the City Council, Zoning Commission and city engineer to act without bias, and to present any such atrocity from happening again, and not to allow this structure to be erected in a residential neighborhood.

The structure was built over the weekend, and when trying to contact Denny Jordison (city inspector) on a Monday, he was on vacation.

It is unbelievable that I have to look at this monstrosity every day, but it may even be worse for my neighbors on 8 1/2 Avenue North. Every day, they wake up facing a cold, steel, industrial-sized building.

The warm community feeling in this neighborhood has been lost with the erection of this building. I am sure the value of my home has decreased significantly, and thus what I am leaving to my children has decreased significantly. And worse, I have lost faith in the ability of our elected officials to do what is right.

However, I also still believe the capacity exists for the city to right this wrong. There is still the ability to say “we made a mistake.” As per the official “Findings, Conclusions, and Order” document issued by the city in regard to the appeal to the Board of Adjustment, “the role has been left to the City Council, who has every right to consider whether a change in zoning ordinance is required, or needed.” This building certainly should not be allowed, and if allowed, sets an ugly precedent to overcome.

Garnita Johnson

Fort Dodge