SW-G?makes upgrades

BURNSIDE – When students and staff returned to the classroom at Southeast Webster-Grand last week, they likely noticed a few updates and improvements around the district’s Burnside building.

New tile floors replace carpet in the office area and a large window in the principal’s offices allows administrators to have a view of activity throughout the school’s main hallway.

“The new tile floors will make for easier cleaning for our custodians,” said SW-G Superintendent Launi Dane. “It is an area that always has a lot of traffic.”

New tile in the kitchen, concession stand and lunchroom areas replaces older flooring in a wing of the building that is more than 50 years old.

“There was a lot of chipping on the tile and it was time for it to be replaced,” said Dane. “This part of the building was built in the 1960s.”

The largest project took place over the summer break in the high school gymnasium with a $96,000 floor replacement.

The new gym floor is the highlight of several improvements made to the gym over the past decade which have included new bleachers, stage improvements, a new scoreboard, and a $2 million heating and air conditioning project in 2012, Dane said.

The gym floor includes new subflooring and a two-tone stained wooden floor.

“We had a pipe break under the bleachers a few years ago and some spots that were just worn and starting to buckle in the old floor,” Dane said. “This is a project we are very proud of; the biggest project this year.”

The improvements were paid for with money from the district’s capital projects fund from the one cent sales tax.

“We are all very happy with the way everything looks,” said Dane.

The gym floor is expected to be ready for use in time for the first home volleyball game Thursday.