Critical of Branstad

To the editor:

I’m a Republican and pretty much support Gov. Branstad’s second administration.

But I didn’t realize he is our imperial governor – able to speed around Iowa ignoring speed limits and then worse, when he is taken to task by a very experienced investigator allows his underlings to fire that person.

Instead of being a man and admitting the speeding, he says first that he didn’t know they were speeding, and second that the person fired was fired for other reasons. Every citizen in this state knows these two statements are untrue.

Proof of the inappropriate firing is that the next day, the director of the DCI called the investigator and asked why he was out on the highway that day, because it was his day off.

Perhaps she should have warned him to stay off the highway, because “Here comes his highness,” and it is dangerous to be out.

Maybe the imperial governor really has been in office too long.

Those special license plates that escape speed cameras also bother me. No one should own one of those, but it turns out that quite a few of the emperor’s lackeys own them.

David R. Youberg

Sac City