Wants animals kept safe

To the editor:

According to Kim Alstott the proposed animal laws are being used as a way to punish “95 percent of the people” by forcing their animals to be restrained on their own property. I have a different view.

As an animal owner it is my job to keep my animals safe. That’s the bottom line. According to the ASPCA, 5 to 7 million animals are put in animal shelters each year, and 3 to 4 million of those are euthanized. These animals don’t magically appear from the wild. Many of them are family pets that are not protected by laws such as the proposed fence or tie out while on personal property. Animals that for whatever reason left their yards and never made it back. I am aware that many dogs can be trained to stay within a set boundary. My neighborhood has many well-trained dogs that still cross the street to do their business in my yard from time to time. It doesn’t bother me to pick it up. I always think of what would happen if they were hit by a car on the way over. Will they be put down after suffering physical pain that causes financial burden to their owners? If they run, will they find their way back home?

(Recently), I adopted a dog from Almost Home. It was very obvious someone had spent many hours working with him as he knows commands and has been a very good addition to my family. He is 10 pounds underweight and it is unknown how long he was trying to find his home or what he endured until rescued. These animals are family dogs that have had their humans fail them because it was too much of a “punishment” to make home a safe for them.

We need to stop thinking of the “burden” of animal ownership and realize that it is a lifelong commitment to take care of these animals and keep them safe.

Jason Osvold

Fort Dodge