Lauds Gov. Branstad

To the editor:

I was pleased to see our State Auditor Mary Mosiman issue a report on Aug. 5 praising the sound budgeting practices instilled in state government by Gov. Terry Branstad and Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds. Mosiman called their budgeting “excellent” and said it “serves Iowans well.”

This should come as no surprise since Gov. Branstad erased a $900 million budget deficit left by Gov. Culver, Tyler Olson and the Democratic House and Jack Hatch and the Democratic Senate.

Since taking office, Gov. Branstad has restored sound budgeting practices. Today, Iowa has the nation’s eighth-best rainy day fund of over $600 million. Barron’s Magazine named Iowa the second-best managed state in America. Most importantly, Gov. Branstad is protecting our tax dollars by not allowing the Legislature to spend more than they take in.

Gov. Branstad’s commitment to biennial budgeting to give Iowa businesses the stability and predictability they need to grow has put us on a path toward continued prosperity.

Emily Smith

Fort Dodge