‘You’re in good hands FD’

To the editor:

I had the rewarding privilege of greeting the Fort Dodge community as they toured the new Fort Dodge Middle School on Aug. 3. Over 1,300 people attended this refreshing event. I am motivated to express my pride in the positive feedback that was shared during those four hours.

I was moved by the many individuals who proudly expressed that, while they’re unlikely to attend an event at this school (no children or grandchildren would attend school here) they had helped to pay for this school. These are the people who have an education vision for our community that will hopefully be contagious.

It was wonderful to greet the residents of Friendship Haven who appreciated the opportunity to attend the community tours. Their continued support is respected and valued for the importance they realize a visionary investment education makes.

A tribute to the 60-plus former teachers and employees who attended. These valuable contributors to our recent past is a reminder of the presence of lifelong learners in our community and in the contribution of their lasting investment in the community’s education vision in Fort Dodge. Ours is a community that values education.

Finally, a huge thank you to the personnel at the Middle School, central administration, and eighth-grade students who have planned, coordinated, and conducted the informative tours this past week. If you were there, it is likely you toured with one of these wonderful educational or student leaders.

All citizens who will be involved in the education of middle school children should be excited about the opportunities that await their student. A highly qualified professional staff is in place to move them forward. You’re in good hands, Fort Dodge.

Diane Pratt

Middle School educator

Fort Dodge